Sunday, June 07, 2009

Saying no

I turned down two theater auditions in the past week. One of them was for Steppenwolf, which sounds crazy.

But I made this commitment to "take care of business," as it were -- to focus on paying work, commercial and otherwise, and I can't just toss that aside because one of the city's premier theaters is calling. I've had some nice successes on both fronts this year. Whether that's because I've had the time to market myself or if, going into commercial auditions, I've been more focused, less distracted by competing obligations, or better rested from not having rehearsed the night before 'til 10. Whatever it is, it seems to be working. 

Plus, who knows where I'll be in the fall? I might behind a desk somewhere. 

Still, it's nice to be asked. I have no idea why they called. The last (and only) time I auditioned for them was around four years ago. It was for an understudy part, as was this latest opportunity. I assumed since I hadn't been back (in spite of multiple submissions), they had decided I didn't quite have what it takes. So maybe they're casting a wide net. Or perhaps they just want to see how and whether I've grown as an actor over the years.

Either way, we'll never know! Onward.

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