Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook Killed My Blog

I started this blog almost 8 years ago, back before I really knew what a blog was (or what it was supposed to be).

It started as a "short-term thing," designed to capture my experiences producing a show -- my little collection of 10-minute plays called The One-Eyed Cat & Other Tales of Need. I thought it might be helpful to others, as I was helped by similar blogs when I was trying to figure this all out.

When the show was done it became my Acting Blog, where I recorded my frustrations, fears, hopes and exhilarations on stage and screen. It never became big, probably in part because I tried to keep things somewhat professional -- like not saying anything about people that I'd be embarrassed for them to read.

And other topics seeped in. The personal -- my Dad's long battle with Alzheimer's, vacations, breakups and various calamities large and small. The daily frustrations of living. Your basic everyday nonsense. The Great Pinky Catastrophe of 2011.

When my life moved in new directions, like writing the book, those issues began to dominate. I started investing my attention in my other blog. I've been working a lot on launching my speaking career. I got married.

And with all of that, this blog took a backseat. But ultimately it was Facebook that spelled the end of things. I really enjoy the Facebook. It seems like the medium that was made for me. A place to indulge my inner (and very outer) exhibitionist/narcissist and where the feedback was immediate. It's a lot less pressure and a lot more fun.

So I think I'm done here for now. Someday I imagine it will be fun to look back on these old posts and the life I was living during this time. I do love documentation. And there may be some future writings to be adapted from some of the material here -- especially about my father.

I've never been big on finality and goodbyes, so I'll just say, "See ya!"