Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Acting Roundup

It was a hell of a year overall, with a lot going on outside my acting work.

I moved, got married, and spent time going back and forth to DC for the final stages of my Dad's illness and his funeral services. On top of that, I had a major long-term client engagement that had me working on-site in Virginia over several months.

Yes, yes -- excuses, excuses. But together with vacation all that stuff took me out of town for the equivalent of 10 weeks, which is not very conducive to auditioning.

As a result, my numbers were a bit off this year:

  • 49 total auditions, including 5 callbacks
    • That's 33 commercial auditions, 10 print, 5 industrial and 1 voiceover.
  • 8 total bookings
    • That includes 3 commercials, 3 industrials and 2 print jobs.
    • 4 of those bookings were the result of auditions; I was picked for the other 4 through headshots and past work.
I also did extra work in 2 commercials, which I don't count. And, in the Gifts That Keep on Giving Department, the buyouts for 3 jobs from past years were extended.

And in terms of visibility, I was on TV a lot. The Scottrade and Gazelle commercials got a lot of play nationally (including print for Scottrade) and a lot of people saw my online work for Walgreens. My last job of the year -- a commercial I shot in December -- was played on a nationally televised bowl game the day of my wedding.

And sometime in the spring I'll make my TV debut as a farmer.

Happy New Year!

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