Monday, September 10, 2012

I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert ...

... and a church service broke out.

I tell you it was a downright spiritual experience seeing him again after 31 years. When the show opened with the opening notes to Promised Land I actually got tears in my eyes.

Then standing in the pouring rain for the whole second half of the show, hearing Badlands, and Thunder Road and Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, with the raindrops lit up like confetti in the spotlights -- it was damned magical.

But what really got me, even more than the moving tribute to Clarence Clemons (at the line "the big man joined the band," the music went silent for a short montage of photos), was the soulful 12-minute version of My City of Ruins.

Springsteen led the crowd like a gospel preacher, singing again and again, "Are you missing anybody?" Usually I'm not much affected by moments like this, but I immediately thought of my Dad. And I wondered how many others were feeling something as immediate as I was?

Then he did a little spoken-word preaching: "Think of who you're missing and let 'em stand alongside you for a while." Well, that just about did it. Wow.

I'm gonna have to really let it out at some point. I've had brief moments here and there but have mostly held things in, as is just my general practice.

Thank you, Bruce.

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