Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stuff that happens in 3s

Out of town on business. A group of us fly out to Dulles, arriving at 7 pm with a 2-hour drive through the Virginia countryside to our hotel. The following happens:

  1. GPS gets the address of our hotel wrong and instead of arriving at the Marriott, we end up at a dead ringer for the Bates Motel 15 miles away. Not fun when you're going on 10 pm with an O'Dark-thirty wakeup.
  2. Heading out to the client bright and early and ... the car doesn't start. Dead battery. The three of us break into action. One calls for cab, the other checks on a substitute rental with a different agency and I call our agency to have the car towed away and shot. We're only 10 minutes late.
  3. I have a previously scheduled webinar to do for 250 or so alumni of the University of Chicago. So I break away from our all-day meeting to a conference room to get set up an hour beforehand. Can't get on wireless with my Mac for some reason. But I have a backup plan: a stick drive with my presentation in formats for both Mac and PC. I borrow a company PC and ... corporate firewall prevents download of necessary software. Now it is less than 5 minutes from showtime. I PDF the presentation and email it to the moderator, then I get on the phone and have her advance the slides, with me following along separately on my iPad not knowing if she's getting it right while trying to find different, inventive ways to say "next" 80+ times. All in all, it seemed to go pretty well.
It's been a helluva 24 hours. Alarm is set for 5. Which is 4 Chicago time.

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