Monday, June 11, 2012

Cover Boy

So Scottrade has been running this full-page ad in a bunch of magazines as an extension of the TV campaign. So far I've found it in Wired and on the back cover of Golf, Money, Your Money and Kiplinger Personal Finance.

Oh yeah, and in the program for the Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis. Yeah, that's right.

Thank goodness for Facebook friends or I wouldn't know about any of these. I don't do much reading of hard copy magazines these days.

It's kind of cool. I was at the airport this weekend and there were three magazines right next to each other at the newsstand with my picture on the back. I bought one myself:

The family was very impressed, going out and buying their own copies and having me sign them. Everyone seems to be under the impression that I get paid more every time it runs. It doesn't work quite like that. They paid me nicely, but it was a lump sum for the print buy whether it runs in Time magazine or some obscure low-circulation trade journal.

As cool as it is, it's kind of embarrassing. It's not like I did something particularly special -- it was all part of the overall job. I guess the one thing I can take credit for is they picked me out of the dozen or so actors for this campaign.

But for all I now there could be different ads featuring the others appearing elsewhere or coming down the road. We'll see. They did like that 10-year-old yellow shirt ...

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