Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snake Eyes

I had two callbacks last week and didn't book either of them.

The first wasn't a surprise. I knew I wouldn't get the job, for a variety of reasons. I was surprised I even got the callback. And when I did, it was totally perfunctory. Two quick takes and a "thank you."

The second one I didn't think I'd get either. At first. It was a commercial for a casual restaurant chain. These are the kinds of jobs I don't usually get. Food companies and major consumer product brands usually want people who are a little more traditional/conventional/all-American -- whatever you want to call it.

But the breakdown said they were looking for a couple who were a little hip. Not too hip. Not tattoo and skinny jeans hip. Just a little. So I figured that was somewhat up my alley -- moreso than a cop or lumberjack, at least.

So they called me back. I had the last slot of the day and I was the last male actor so they paired me up with the three remaining women. So I basically got to audition three times. And one of them at least was really good because I knew my "wife" pretty well. We've done some work together and we had good rapport.

Of course, if you're a decent actor you're supposed to have or create good rapport with anyone you get paired with, but that just doesn't always happen.

So then they put both of us on first refusal, so I thought that was a pretty good sign. I've been released from many holds and check avails and first refusals, but I got the idea this one would come through.

Then on Friday they released us both.

Grrr. But as I've said, I'm still pretty visible. According to a friend, I'm in this month's Golf Digest in a Scottrade print ad (they are REALLY getting their money's worth from us) and my alter ego, "Frank the Pharmacist" keeps popping up on various websites, according to friends.

Still, it would be great to get more work in the pipeline.

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