Monday, April 23, 2012

Judgy McStaresalot

This is what cohabitation is like. Someone there to judge you constantly, then forget about you temporarily until they round the corner, see you and go, "Crap! You're still here?" Then they sit and stare at you for an hour, willing you away.

Luckily, the two-footed member of the household is a little happier to have me around.

Either way, it's a brave new world. I've lived alone more years than I've lived with people. Fortunately for all of us I am incredibly laid back and easygoing. Not all hung up on the need to lock doors and not let the house burn down. Isn't that what insurance is for?

I'm also highly adaptable. I was 95% unpacked by hour four. And really most of my most stringent demands center around diet Coke, egg whites and the need to hear every line of a favorite program even if it means pausing and rewinding the DVR five times.

So with a final round of storing, stowing, selling, and tossing, I am just about settled in and ready for this new adventure.

Bring it!

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