Saturday, April 07, 2012


This week I took two boxes of books and a big box full of pots, pans and glassware off to charity. With that plus the clothes, CDs, videos, files, photos, stereo, baseball cards and assorted junk, I feel I'm about 30-40% lighter, material possession-wise.

It feels good. Plus it will make my next move, which is coming soon, sooooo easy. Especially when I dispense with three tube TVs (including the 150 lb. 32-inch number I've had since 1995), two window AC units and a big old oak table and chairs.

After all that I think I'll be able to pack up my entire apartment in under 8 hours. I started March with a to-do list of 38 items. By the end of the month I had 30 of them completed.

I think the only really hard thing (other than selling the table and ACs without being murdered by a crazy Craigslist person) will be change-of-address notifications, which almost never, ever seem to work the way they should.


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