Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The best laid plans

It's a good thing I got all that trashing and donating and organizing done so far in advance, because the one thing I did not do in advance? Schedule a mover. Because I didn't really want to commit to a solid move-out date. Which is ironic.

Anyway, they only had two days left this month so it turns out I'm moving ... ONE WEEK from today. Yipes!!

So tonight I started packing for real. And actually, I think I was right. With all the culling I've done, there's not that much left. I have a list of 10 steps and I just got four done in the past couple of hours.

So I think I'm just, oh, 20 boxes away from being ready to go. Which should be pretty doable in my remaining 110 or so waking hours. I'm not even going to do the long division ...

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