Monday, March 19, 2012

These Pipes Are Clean

It's a little bittersweet getting rid of so much stuff.

I sold the last 85 CDs on Craiglist this weekend.

I remember many nights sprawled on the carpet in front of the stereo, listening along and reading the lyrics and liner notes, deciphering meanings and theorizing. Of course, all of that info can be found now on Google and wikipedia and Songfacts.

And I took the ol' hi-fi to the used stereo shoppe on Sunday.

I remember the various stereos I've had. The cheapo "all-in-one" from childhood, with the dials and switches instead of knobs. But I bought it myself with my paper route money. And the hand-me-down components from my brother, with the little needles twitching back and forth along with the songs.

Then finally my own quality stereo that I bought in 1995. Right about the time that compact stereos and mini-speakers became popular. So I had this gargantuan $1,000 mess on my hands.

And today I met with a friend who went through my baseball and football cards. We made a deal where he's going to price them out based on what he knows and sell the valuable ones individually and in lots and we'll split the profits. Which may or may not pay the cost of a decent lunch.

I was never a real collector. Over a few years starting when I was 7 or 8 I amassed a bunch of cards but never really curated or traded them. And, obviously, I just kept them in a succession of shoeboxes, so they're far from mint condition.

But some old cards for Gayle Sayers and Hank Aaaron and Reggie Jackson and OJ Simpson and Thurman Munson and Gaylord Perry and Willie Mays and others may be worth a little something. I think the only real attachment I have to them is that I've had them for so long. It's amazing my Mom never threw them out.

Next comes clothes. I used to be pretty good at getting rid of worn out or out-of-date clothes. Then I started doing theater and I thought, maybe I'll need this giant tweed blazer with the big shoulder pads for a role. Or these wingtips. Or these pleated pants. And some of them I have actually used. But no more. At least half my clothes are going out the door.

Then books. Then the many specialty glasses, steins and stemware that are so superfluous that I have to actually wash them before giving them away.

After that? My own personal indoor squash court.

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