Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

In the past four days I went from literal to figurative highs and a few things in between.

It started with two days of skiing at Keystone and Copper Mountain, Colorado. It was the first time I'd been in nine years, which is hard to believe. On one hand, I did pretty well. Went straight from greens to blues to a few pretty steep and tough blues. All in icy spring conditions.

Still, my technique was not terrific. I was making some of the mistakes in form that I'd had coached out of me years ago but forgot. I'm probably more controlled and less reckless than I was a decade ago. (I wasn't feeling quite ready for the blacks this time around.) But as I got tired toward the end of the day I'd let a leg slide out from under me and I took a few spills, including one pretty spectacular one.

It was fun, though. It is so beautiful up there. And quiet, when you're floating along on the lift with just the breeze whooshing in your ears. And peaceful as you look down and try to identify the animal tracks below.

From there we went back down to 5,000 feet for a presentation I did on Tuesday to a bunch of PR pros.

It was around 150 people, which is the biggest sized crowd I've spoken before. Hell, it's about the biggest I've performed for in any capacity.

So I was a little nervous. Part of it was the crowd and part of it was that I was having it videotaped, so I needed it to go smoothly from a technical and delivery standpoint.

And it seemed to go very, very well. Great chemistry with the crowd, lots of laughs, lots of enthusiastic feedback and new twitter followers. Best of all, the organizers bought a giant case of 48 books in advance, so I didn't even have to sweat the sales.

And soon I should have a nice professional video I can use to market myself and to pitch speaker's bureaus.

Bringing it all together, I was even able to use the skiing as material for my intro. Maybe I can deduct the lift tickets as research expenses? Hmmmm ...

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