Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Had a great time today presenting to Georgetown University's alumni association. It was my basic stump speech, though with audience interaction/participation removed, since it was a webinar.

I've really got this thing down and am having a ball performing it. It's like midway through the run of a play where you've got the content mastered and are comfortable enough to start playing with it and coming up with new stuff.

The initial feedback seemed pretty positive, too, and I got lots of very good questions. Total audience was 273, which is my biggest so far.

Of course, for the past week, even though I'm doing the two biggest presentations of my burgeoning speaking career so far, my big concern has been, "What's next?" Well the big thing that's next is getting the Denver speech video edited and packaged and sent off to potential speaker's bureaus.

But in the meantime I'd be happier with more engagements on the calendar. Nine speeches in the first five months isn't bad, but more would be better. As it happens, just this morning I heard back from another organization where I have a proposal out and they want to book me, though it won't be until late in the year.

More, more, more. Every organization on the planet needs to book me as a speaker. This is great stuff, damnit.

(Naturally, I wish they'd pick a better thumbnail for the video ... nothing is ever quite, quite right.)

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