Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Let's Get Digital

I am in the final phases of digitizing my life.

Now that all my music is not only on my computer but in the cloud, I've been unloading my CDs. I sold half of them to used records shops but still have nearly a hundred to get rid of. Next up, Craig's List. And if I must ... I'll even give them away. Check out the list if you want some!

I've gone through my videos, thrown out some and took the rest to be converted to DVD. (To be followed by conversion to mpeg and storage on the computer.)

I went through 6 albums worth of photos, plus a big box of negatives and other photos that didn't "make the cut" for albumizing, winnowed them down to 1,406 and took them in for scanning. (The conversion people were naturally wowed by my organizational skills -- photos separated and banded into distinct albums and all documented in a spread sheet.)

And I'm taking my old stereo components -- receiver, CD changer, turntable, tower speakers -- and selling them for a cool 10% of what I paid for them lo those many decades ago. VCR, DVD player and three tube TVs will be next -- though only the city recycling center takes those now.

Oddly, though, I'm keeping my albums. Even without a turntable. They make a nice conversation piece.

Now if I could just convert all my books to digital (in some way other than repurchasing them, of course), I'll be able to fit my non-furniture possessions into the back seat of a Honda.

You know, just in case ...

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