Monday, March 26, 2012

Against All Odds

The auditions have been pretty slow lately. So slow that it's not even remarkable to have no auditions in a week. In fact, I went more than two weeks during one bad stretch recently.

So it was a relief to have four auditions last week -- one of them a callback. And when the callback came it was one of those where I had to look up the paperwork from the original audition to recall the details.

That's how it's supposed to be. The only way you're going to catch something is with lots of lines in the water. Hopefully it will keep up.

Of the three jobs, I don't think I'll get the one I was called back for. I was the last guy they saw and it looked like they'd made up their mind. Another was for a food client and I never, ever get those. Ever. They seem to always look for model types and very wholesome people. Maybe also people who look like they eat a good bit of food.

The third one I'd really like to get. It's a spokesman role, pays pretty well and I did a really, really good job with it. I mean, I freaking nailed the copy.

But again, one of out of three isn't very likely odds. Even one of out of seven (total auditions this month so far) isn't that great.

So more, please.

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