Monday, February 27, 2012

What do I do with my arms???

These days I don't love too many photos of me, but I really like this one.

There's something about black-and-white. That and not facing the camera makes for a truly sophisticated and supremely artsy look.

Of course, let's not take anything away from the model. Certainly not that deftly held pencil. Seriously, do NOT take that away. It's so NATURAL!

It's ridiculous but true that photographers and directors are constantly awed by the authenticity of my gestures and object work. I guess they work with a lot of actors and models who forget how to hold a pencil or a coffee mug or fold their arms.

Which always brings to mind this classic bit from 30 Rock (What do I do with my arms??):

This one's not so bad either. But I prefer less of my face.

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