Monday, February 13, 2012

There goes the deductible

I had four doctors appointments in eight days.

It started with a sore, swollen elbow. After four days of self-treating, I was told by Dial-a-Nurse to seek medical care "within the hour." That sounded kind of serious, and after some contemplation I decided to take it seriously and made an appointment for that afternoon.

Diagnosis? Skin infection. They put me on a powerful antibiotic that had its own pretty difficult side effects. Though nowhere on the warning labels did say anything like "Do Not Take Alcohol," so my lifestyle wasn't heavily impacted. Other than general havoc to my digestive system.

The redness left and the swelling went down, but not all the way. So off to appointment #4 with the orthopedist for x-rays and and an exam. Diagnosis? Precisely as I called it in my original Internet research: bursitis.

So now I have a label for it and am back to what I was doing before calling Dial-a-Nurse: ice and advil, as opposed to the heat and antibiotics I was first on. I guess that wasn't pointless. I guess there was a mild infection at the beginning.

I'm guessing another week or so to totally get over the antibiotic, and supposedly another couple of weeks for the bursitis to go away.

It's been a mildly debilitating year. Pinkygeddon had me gimpy for a couple of months, then some small surgery in December restricted me for a few weeks. And now this.

If this is what it's gonna be like for the rest of this ride on earth -- one annoying ailment and injury after another -- I'd like a transfer.

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