Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go

Last week I got offered an opportunity on the "business" side of my life that I was kind of torn about. Good money over a six-month period. Secure, fairly lucrative.

On the down side? A big time suck. Occasional travel that would disrupt other things, like auditions, bookings, media and speeches. Lots and lots of meetings and conference calls. Being part of a committee that's part of a giant global corporation. So progress in increments and all the other frustrations that come with trying to steer a giant ship with a tiny little paddle.

Not to mention a distraction from focusing on getting this speaking career launched.

Still, I thought hard about it overnight and decided to give it a go. What the hell, right? You never know what other opportunities it could open up. And in the meantime, there's always the money.

As with all these big projects that come along, I don't count my chickens until they're hatched. And so I wasn't too surprised when this morning I was told the client changed course.

I have to say I'm more relieved than disappointed. It just means I'll have to take this time I've now been given and really put it to use.


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