Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three strange days

Yesterday I conducted an Act Like You Mean Business workshop for two dozen young PR pros. I tried out a lot of new material and it went over very well. Many of them barely touched their smartphones.

I really like young people. They're enthusiastic, energetic, and they make me want to steal their youth and beauty.

Then today I moved on to my first booking of the year, a print job in which I played a pharmacist. And not just any pharmacist. Oh, I had the pressed white lab coat and the neutral wardrobe in soft grays and blues. But I also had to slide down a fire pole. Or at least appear to do so. Here's a crew member, working on the pole. (Yeah, lots of great Facebook feedback on that one.)

It was a great shoot, even though they made me shave. (They said they picked me because of the warmth in my eyes when I smile. Once again, acting!) And this summer I will be in countless thousands of drug stores across the country. Crazy.

Day three, tomorrow, will be consumed by the third pillar, of sorts, of my career: client work. Meetings all morning on some speeches. And, this just in, I'm creating concepts for public service videos that will star an actress on one of television's most popular comedies. If they like the ideas, I'll have to actually write some scripts tout suite -- they film next week!

Friday I would just like to do some laundry or something.

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