Monday, January 16, 2012

No thanks

I canceled an audition today.

It was kind of crazy. A commercial shoot for a major theme park that pays a very modest session rate per day and an extraordinarily low buyout. How low? Lower than I've been paid for a 13-week local spot. And this was national. And waaaay beyond 13 weeks. Forever, in fact.

I understand all the parks work this way. Apparently they can find any number of people -- actors and non-actors -- willing to be whisked off for essentially a free "vacation." The shoot could go on for days or even more than a week, so the session rates would start to add up, for sure. And if they book your whole family, then you're really talking about some money.

Still, I think they should just stick to real people. I just couldn't, on principle, give it away like that. And I'd be a "fill-in" anyway, shoved into some family unit whose father/husband wasn't interested in participating.

I've done that before, trying to bond with a wife and her kids and make it realistic. Let's just say a lot depends on the wife and kids. (The dog loved me, I'll say that much.)

So I said no. Because aside from the money, I'm not sure I could take 10 days or two weeks away. Not to mention I'm really not a fan of rollercoasters and rides that turn you upside down three in different directions at once.

As I type this, of course, I'm starting to wonder if I'm crazy. Ten days all expenses paid in some warm state in the middle of winter? Am I nuts?

No, I'm principled. At least, that's what I'll be telling myself when I see my friends post pictures of themselves riding the flume in bathing suits while I'm dodging slush puddles.


David August said...

Good for you! Well done and congrats.

Rob Biesenbach said...

Thank you, David!