Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking back one more time

You know, as I think about it a little more holistically, it was a pretty damned good year.

I published a book! I spent the first half of the year finishing the editing and working with the publisher on the design and it got published in September. That's very cool. Having a book is neat. Something that captures my philosophy and approach all in once place. And the fact that a lot of people seem to like it is icing on the cake. Not tens of thousands, mind you, but people nonetheless.

I did my first speech on the book. Not to mention my second, third and fourth. And booked others for the new year. That is completely awesome. If I can make a third career (or, at least, revenue stream) out of that, combining the stuff I know best (corporate communications) with the thing I love best (writing and performing), what could be better than that?

I did my first TV and radio interviews based on the book. With more to come. I've done interviews before, but they were usually about the death penalty or consumer fraud or other related topics from the Attorney General days. I do enjoy the spotlight, so this is also good.

I had a pretty great year acting. And not just the money, which is nice. I did some quality projects, like Scottrade and Monosol and HCR Manorcare for some good brands. And I do like seeing myself on the TV.

And business, in the first half of the year, at least, when I wasn't full-time marketing the book went well. Some nice big projects.

Probably the most satisfying thing is that all of this stuff has pretty much come from me. Yes, my agents book my work and get me into auditions, but I started the acting thing 10 years ago (next month) out of absolutely nothing but a desire to do it, spending hundreds, thousands of hours taking classes, auditioning, performing, learning, striving, packaging and positioning.

And the publisher certainly lent lots of insight, expertise and resources, but nobody asked me to write a book. Nobody assigned me the topic. And nobody from the media is beating down my door asking me to write articles and do interviews and give speeches. Most of that is coming from me.

That's all very satisfying, certainly. And yet ... it's just that. I feel satisfied. A little proud. Not doing cartwheels or anything. Because there is still so much more to be done. I'm just on the second or third rung of a very big ladder.

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