Monday, January 30, 2012

15 Ways to Help

Okay, that was a bit of a rant.

I know people are just trying to help, and marketing ideas are always welcome. But there are lots of ways to offer more substantive help. And I have asked -- in mass emails and hundreds of individual emails and messages as well as Facebook posts and actual letters and conversations and blog posts and other things.

So here, for the record, are 15 ways to help with the book (all but two of them cost you nothing but a little time):
  1. Buy a book. Available on Amazon or for $5 off at the book's website using the code "act5."
  2. Buy multiple copies of the book and give them out to people, as several loved ones have done.
  3. Like the Facebook page, and occasionally comment and even posts there if you want.
  4. Follow me on Twitter, and retweet things you like to your followers.
  5. Subscribe to the blog, and Like or comment on posts you enjoy.
  6. Circle me on Google+ and ... do whatever it is the few people who are active there do on Google+.
  7. Share a link to the book's website with your friends, followers, connections and others on any or all of the aforementioned sites. A number of people have done this.
  8. Email three people you know who you think might like or benefit from the book.
  9. Recommend me as a speaker/presenter to the HR Department or events manager where you work or to the organizers of a club, association or other group you belong to. A friend put my name in the hat with a group she belongs to and now I'm flying to Denver in March to be a keynote speaker.
  10. Tip me off to a favorite TV show, news segment, radio show, newspaper, industry journal or other thing you watch/read. Recommendations from friends tipped me off to a weekend show on WGN radio and Martha Stewart's radio network. Another asked me to write for his company's blog.
  11. Do you have a relationship with a reporter? Hook us up!
  12. Encourage your local library to order the book. A Facebook friend did this unsolicited.
  13. Do you know a college professor? One of my Facebook friends is using the book in his classes this semester. Another asked me to send a book to a professor friend, which I was happy to do.
  14. If you read the book and enjoyed it, write a review on Amazon.
  15. Write a testimonial.
I'm sure there's even more that I haven't thought of, but that'll do for now.

And, yes, ideas are always fine, too ...

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