Thursday, December 29, 2011

Speed Racer

How do you shoot sunny outdoor scenes in the midst of a (semi-)harsh Chicago winter? Other people get swept off to LA or Florida. I get sent to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, a great big 115-year-old greenhouse in the heart of Chicago.

It's a pleasant place in the winter to feel a little moisture on your parched skin. And today it was the setting for Day One of a two-day photo shoot. I "fished" and I "biked" and then I was done.

It's very odd doing acting work* this time of year. The casting and talent agencies are even shut down from Christmas to New Year's. (My agent's been calling me from his parents' house in the suburbs.) But I'm okay with it. The money is good.

Tomorrow I head up the North Shore where we'll be shooting in a lakefront mansion that Google satellite view indicates is bigger than my supermarket. I envision elegant, high-ceilinged rooms with temporary pathways of cardboard and plastic sheeting and lots and lots of rules pertaining to where we can eat and drink and wear shoes.

* And, yes, this is acting work. I get asked over and over during the holidays if I "miss acting" and I have to explain that even though I'm not currently doing theater, shooting commercials and industrials and doing photo shoots is still "acting" and it's still "work." And it's even fun sometimes. And it even PAYS. So there you go.

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