Friday, December 23, 2011

This is Why I Can't Have Sharp Things

From the week that was:
  • I've never in my life carried or owned a pocket knife. For early Christmas I got a Swiss Army Knife. Within seconds I had sliced open the tip of my thumb. This is why I can't have knives. Or guns, especially. (Still, I'm excited to be a knife owner.)
  • I got my stitches out today and the nurse said the wound is healing very nicely. Give me a set of written instructions (antibiotics for 1 week, no workouts for 1 week, light workouts second week, clean wound and change dressing twice a day) and I can do just about anything. (I even managed some light pushups this week.)
  • I've been invited to keynote a major regional PR industry conference in March. It will be my biggest in-person audience yet -- 200 people. And wouldn't you know it, it happens just 30 minutes after my webinar for Georgetown University ends. Back-to-back shows!
  • In my entire career I have probably worked less than 10 days total between Christmas and New Year's. And I have never, ever done acting work during that time. I just got booked for a day-and-a-half print shoot next week, and it's fairly lucrative. I'm surprised I got it. The audition was just the other day and they were looking for really upbeat, happy and warm people. Once again ... ACTING, THANK YOU!
  • Every year just as I start my Christmas shopping, I end up buying a bunch of stuff for myself. This year I haven't bought a single thing for me. It's awesome: I save money, have more to spend on family/loved ones, and feel uncharacteristically altruistic. Go, me!
That is all.

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