Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mood Swings

When you're constantly pitching yourself as a product, your mood tends to shift up and down with every yes and no. And since there are, by nature, more nos than yeses, it's not surprising that I get a little ... fatigued sometimes with all the rejection. (Or the indifference that amounts to rejection.)

It was like that on Tuesday. I was feeling kind of down about it and as the afternoon wore on just got really sleepy and lazy. Unbeknownst to me, PR Daily was just then posting an article I submitted. Had I known that, it might have changed my outlook that evening. As it was, I didn't discover it for almost 24 hours, when I noticed a spike of hits to my various websites.

So this morning I'm back on the horse and decide to follow up with a radio producer I hadn't heard from in a while. Last we talked she was going to check with the show's host. That was a month ago. So I emailed her, thinking it was futile at this point, and in a matter of hours she checked with the host who reacted positively and now I'm booked! (On Martha Stewart's radio network, btw.)

It's crazy. They tell you not to bug them over the phone. They say they hate the reminder call, or the "just checking in" call. But it seems to work. I think it's worked at least four times now. A couple of guys I called and emailed multiple times over several months are now running my stuff.

At some point I'm hoping for a snowball effect, and I get people calling me, asking me to appear on their show or write for their publication or post on their blog. It's gonna take a while, though. Especially because, well, I've got big ideas.

For now though, back to the well, trying to get some Chicago TV and some big time print.

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