Friday, December 30, 2011


I have been "home" (I put it in quotes because really it's the place I grew up and where most of my family is -- I consider Chicago my real home now) more this year than any year I can remember. Four times: July, October, November and December.

That's a lot.

But it's also taken some of the shock out of seeing Dad and the state he's in. In a six- or eleven-month span a lot changes. With this schedule it's more incremental, but still as inexorable as ever. Some of his autonomic functions are starting to shut down.

But he's still at home, thanks to government-provided health care of the kind that some parties want to preserve only for the elite. He's getting good care. And he still seems to smile in his own way.

As usual, there's not much else to add. I will say the pain of going there is considerably easier to deal with than the guilt associated with shirking it.

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