Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's the end of the year and I'm getting every doctor's appointment, checkup, procedure and test done now before deductibles for next year kick in.

I had four appointments last week, one this week and another next week -- eye, allergy and multiple derm visits. One of them they had to cut me open! It was a small carbuncle or something on my back that's been there for years but kind of bugs me.

So now instead of a lump I will have a scar. It's ridiculous how big the incision has to be for a such a small thing, and I'm hoping it heals up without being too heinous.

The worst part, aside from a couple of days' pain, is that I can't work out AT ALL for at least a week. Maybe two. I guess while I'm healing I can't have blood pumping super hard through my body. That, plus most workouts -- yoga, Pilates and weights -- are going to be pretty near impossible as long as a major muscle group is hanging together by a thread.

So I haven't been to the gym in four days and I'm already feeling really sluggish and sloth-like. Maybe I should be walking or something with this extra 60-90 minutes a day.

This, I suppose, is how the sedentary half lives.

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