Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Numbers

Even though I had bigger things on my mind this year -- the book, mainly -- I remain committed at least to quantifying the acting work. Surprisingly, this was my second best year ever in terms of income.

But first let's start with the numbers:
  • 19 print auditions
  • 24 commercial auditions
  • 16 industrial auditions
  • 2 film auditions
  • 2 commercial voiceover auditions
That's 63 total auditions. Rather remarkably, that's the exact same number as last year, and down once again from my 2007-2009 highs:
  • 2011: 63
  • 2010: 63
  • 2009: 101
  • 2008: 103
  • 2007: 86
  • 2006: 48
On the bookings front, here's how things looked:
  • 5 print
  • 4 commercial *
  • 5 on-camera industrial
  • 2 voiceover industrial
That's 16 total bookings (not counting extra work, which I don't count), a few more than my usual total of around a dozen. Things slowed considerably, since 12 of the 16 came in the first half of the year. But a couple of my biggest bookings in terms of dollars came in the second half.

Money-wise, a seemingly ordinary year turned out pretty well. It was actually my second best year ever in terms of revenue. Second best by far, actually -- about 40% higher than last year, which was my previous second best.

All in all, that's a year I would not kick out of bed for eating crackers.

* 1 of the commercial bookings was canceled (though I still got paid, so it counts) and another was just a "spec" commercial.

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