Friday, November 04, 2011


This has been sticking in my craw for some time now and, as usual, few people seem to share my level of interest/outrage in the subject.

A Facebook friend turned me on to an old Guns N' Roses song by the name of Used to Love Her, which is a fun little country-themed piece of mostly harmless misogyny:

So I downloaded it and the more I listened, the more I thought it sounded familiar. And it also occurred to me that I could actually figure out the chords by ear, which is not my strong suit. It's a very simple D-A-G.

Then when I confirmed that online, I realized why it sounded so familiar. It's the same chords as one of the dozen or so songs I know how to play -- Dead Flowers, a country-infused song by the Rolling Stones:

I mean, GNR adds an extra A in the verse -- D-A-G-A -- while Dead Flowers goes back to D after the D-A-G. And they have a different melody, or whatever it's called.

So maybe it's different enough, but here are two other major smoking gun-type clues. First, the album that Used to Love Her appears on is called ... wait for it ... LIES, which just happens to be a Rolling Stones song from their Some Girls album.

AND ... GNR actually covered Dead Flowers themselves, so they must have liked the song:

Again, it's just me that cares. And I guess the good news is I can now play another song without really having to learn it. Though, like every song I play, it will follow the rudimentary folk-strum pattern that seems to be the only way I can play and sing at the same time.

So that's what has me worked up right now.

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