Friday, November 18, 2011

In My Head

I had a difficult pair of auditions this week (original audition plus callback) for an industrial. The scripts had tons and tons of highly technical copy (it's in the healthcare field) and they made a point over and over of saying there would be no teleprompter on set. If we didn't think we could memorize it, we should not do the audition.

I worked the copy for a couple of hours for the first audition only to find they had changed the scripts that morning. Oof.

For the callback, part of me said don't get fooled again. But another part said, just go ahead and memorize the damned things. So I did. Between yesterday and this morning I probably spent a good four hours working the copy. Thankfully they had not changed the script this time.

I did my best with it, but having it in your head on your own is an entirely different thing than performing it in front of 7 or 8 people. At the same time, they wanted us to be engaging and conversational and interacting with each other, and I'm thinking, which is it? Off book or casual and natural? Because accomplishing both is pretty tough.

The thing is, we weren't required to be off-book for the audition, and they even had the lines up. But I figured since it was such a concern of theirs for the booking that I ought to show some facility with a script.

And I'm glad I did the work, I suppose. Especially since another actor in the waiting room said that he wasn't going to get off book until they started paying him. That made me feel like a professional in comparison.

I still don't get the "no teleprompter" thing. Are they worried that we won't sound natural? Because I think it's just the opposite. I can sound incredibly natural reading off the teleprompter, but when I'm struggling with memorized lines in my head, that's where things get a little shaky.

I will either get this job or I won't. That's my prediction.

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