Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Close to Home

Arden Courts - Memory Care TV Campaign from Hart on Vimeo.

Here is the Alzheimer's commercial I shot early this summer. (It's the second one, starting at the :30 mark.)

I was worried that it would come across as maudlin or exploitative, but I think they struck a good balance. Sending the message that when the time comes, it's okay to ask for help and maybe assuaging the guilt that comes with taking the next steps.

It's actually the first spot that I found more disturbing, with the man applying toothpaste to his razor. A few years ago, when dad was still up and about, we were down in the kitchen and heard a ruckus upstairs. Dad's wife later explained that he had tried to shave with his toothbrush.

So it's an interesting detail they picked up on there. Dad did a lot of that -- applying anti-perspirant to the back of his neck like sunscreen, for instance. They did their homework.

I hope I did the issue some justice.

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