Friday, October 21, 2011


All week, and for a week or two before that, I've been developing and planning this webinar for my university's alumni association. My second of four ALYMB presentations booked (so far).

I was really concerned about the technology, which was new to both them and me, about the timing and, mostly, about the weird feeling of speaking into a black hole with no way to read peoples' faces and body language and interact with them as I went along.

It's done and I'm glad it's over. I think it went well. The feedback so far has been good, and apparently there were very few drop-offs as the call went on. I certainly couldn't have done anything more to prepare.

I have to say it's not as fun as presenting live, but it's a good skill to have, especially with companies cutting back on conferences and travel. In fact, I've already pitched another organization on it.

And now between the first two presentations I have a wealth of material to present. Apparently there's an old saying in the public speaking business: "It's easier to find a new audience than create a new speech."

I suppose that's true, but I've got no shortage of material. I could talk for three days on this stuff, and I'm looking forward to developing other segments. Because I'm not sure it's that easy to find new audiences, especially in this economy. I'd like to try getting repeat business from the same audiences.

And I really love my new vinyl Act Like You Mean Business banner. It made a fantastic backdrop.

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