Monday, October 31, 2011


Pretty much all I do these days is market the book. It's constant.

I've written to people who got comps, seeing if they'd like to book a speech or know an organization I should pitch. I read one industry publication after another and scan other relevant articles in business media, scoping them out as potential media I should target, looking up the authors, leaving comments and engaging in conversation and gently plugging the book.

And I think about TV and radio constantly. I've seemingly struck out with a morning TV show here and a couple of radio programs, but I did successfully pitch one particular radio program for a short segment in December. That was a good pitch. I played off a segment the host just did and I was specific. Which is what I always do anyway.

This weekend I'm in Cleveland and I even researched the radio stations here ahead of time and pitched one of them. It was last minute, but you never know. Next I'll be looking at DC TV stations for the day after Thanksgiving. Another longshot, yes. But my latest pitch is very specific -- tips to help people with their job hunt, which should be appealing.

The goal is to use radio to leverage up to local TV to leverage up to, dare I say it, national TV. Sounds crazy, but I really believe I've got something good here. An audience member at my first speech called me "charismatic," which is something I definitely am not in real life. But on stage and in front of the camera?

Well, I am an actor, after all ...

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