Monday, October 24, 2011

Golf is NOT like riding a bicycle

I was out for a walk on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I passed the Diversey driving range, as I do all the time. But this time I stopped and went in and hit a bucket of balls.

I think the last time I hit a golfball was almost five years ago. And it was at the driving range, not on a course, so I was a little, shall we say, rusty.

Rusty and stupid. One of the three irons I picked out was a left-handed club. Which I probably should have tried using since I wasn't having much luck with the right-handers.

What happened to my skills? I was never a great golfer, but I could manage to hit the ball. And my form, at least, was top-notch, as I always assure casting directors in auditions where I have to play a golfer ("Yes, I can credibly play a golfer and even swing the club well, as long as you're not too concerned with where the ball goes").

But this was terrible. I kept topping out, or topping off -- see, I don't even know the lingo. Just crunching the ball hard from the top, sending it into a massive low-angle top spin. It's a good thing I played from the upper tees or many of them wouldn't have been airborne at all!

I'm actually less concerned about how I play than how I look. I've never played more than once or twice a year. But I do want to look good when I swing a club. An instructor once told me I had one of the most natural swings he'd seen. And while it's entirely possible he was seeking to sell me extra lessons, I do feel I bring a certain elan to the game that I would hate to lose.

The range is heated and open all year, so maybe I'll bone up a little.

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