Wednesday, September 07, 2011


The book is here! Got a box full of them this afternoon, and I am ... happy, of course. Satisfied, really. Not over the moon and cartwheeling or anything.

I guess I should be, but it's been "done" in my mind for quite a while now.
There have been so many milestones along the way. First draft, second draft, etc. Draft to publisher. Final draft. Proofing, design, etc.

And I've been so wrapped up for so long in all the next steps -- all the stuff that has got to happen to help sell this thing -- articles published, reviews written, speeches booked, etc. So I feel like this is less a culmination than a beginning.

But this has been a really good day for two other reasons. First, for a few weeks now I've been contributing articles to Business Insider, and it's been going well enough. But one of the things that you want is for your article to be "promoted." That means it earns a semi-permanent position on the home page, instead of sliding down and off as other articles come up. It also means they tweet it to their tens of thousands of followers.

My first two did not get promoted. So I worked hard on the best one yet and I just got word that it made the cut! And they paired it with a hilarious picture of a starlet waving from a convertible.

You can check it out here. It's basically a summary of the book's most important lessons in 800 words.

Plus, I used these BI articles as leverage with a trade publication I've been pitching mercilessly for a couple of months now and today they bit. So it looks like another good article will be running there in a few days.

So yeah, getting the hard copies of the book is great. But these are the things -- just two of hundreds of little things -- that must be done to get the word out, build momentum and credibility and, maybe, lead to actual sales.

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