Monday, September 19, 2011

My next book

Several actor friends have suggested I write another book that's sort of the opposite of the existing one: helping actors apply lessons from business to further their careers: how to market and package themselves and manage the business side of things, etc.

Hell, it could even have the same name -- Act Like You Mean Business.

Of course, the big problem with that book is that it would be charity, basically. A small audience of people who are mostly broke all the time.

It's also not necessarily a book that I'm particularly inspired to write, and that's the bigger problem. (I could do a little self-published e-book if I wanted.)

But an interesting thing has happened. I've been asked by the leaders of this actors' group I belong to to deliver a presentation at the next meeting. Which is great, because it will be good practice, if nothing else.

And as I scope out the content, as I try to find lessons from the book that actors can use, I'm discovering that there's a lot of material there. I don't have to really reinvent the wheel -- just reshape it or something. Wherever the logical extension of that metaphor would take you. Buy a new wheel? Rent one? Inflate it?

This all makes me realize that the book I've got is a lot broader than I thought. There are lessons for everybody here -- not just business professionals or even business people or even people who happen to work in an office. Anybody. And everybody.

How do you present yourself at networking events and cocktail parties? How do you prepare for a job interview? How do you have a difficult conversation? Or constructively confront someone you're having a problem with?

So my next book just may be this book.

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