Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I should just hire a professional to do the slides, but instead I spent, I don't know, 10 hours playing around with different themes and graphics and customizing them and such. Probably a bad investment of my time.

A good investment of my time is prepping to be a guest on a radio show tomorrow. Which should be interesting, since it's something I've never done. But I googled some tips, got some others from friends, and have printed out and organized virtually everything worthwhile that I've said about the book in the past couple of months.

If I had any energy left, I'd index it all by subject or organize it into a database or something.

Also, too, this would be a good time to have not let go of my landline, since I'll be calling in.

Anyway, remember: speak in soundbites, repeat the key points, stand up while talking (for energy) and, most of all, BE ENTERTAINING.

Tomorrow, All Sides with Ann Fisher, Columbus Public Radio, 10-11 am Central Time. You can tune in online.

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