Saturday, September 03, 2011


Ha! I got the job. After all that. In cases like this, it's good to be wrong!

Then, in a classic balancing of the universe, five minutes later I got doored on my bike. Luckily I wasn't hurt. I was knocked off the pedals, but didn't fall or anything, and no soft body parts made contact with the car door.

It was bit of a shock, and I let out a brief yell/groan. I would have been really pissed off but a) it was partly my fault -- I came whipping around a corner so I think even if he had looked before opening the door he might not have seen me; b) I was in a good mood; c) I wasn't hurt and my bike seems undamaged; and d) he was very apologetic and concerned.

Hell, he had me feeling bad for him and his door, but apparently there was no significant damage on his end.

I wonder what story he's telling right now.

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