Friday, August 12, 2011


The other day I came out of an audition feeling better than I felt in all but a handful of the hundreds of auditions I've been on over the years.

The last time I remember feeling this good was when I auditioned for the Gordman's spot. I honestly didn't think I could have done a single thing more or better. And I booked it.

Same with the other day. I worked the dialogue all weekend long and had it down pat. So pat that it could come across as casual. The character was right up my alley. I gave several really solid reads, getting all the lines and the blocking just right. And the casting director -- this one not normally super-effusive -- seemed genuinely pleased with my performance.

And then? Snake eyes. Not even a callback. I didn't expect to get the job. It's a big one -- high-profile, high pay. But I felt certain I'd get the callback.

I'll probably get today's audition instead. A local spot instead of national. Shooting out of town, and over a weekend.


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