Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Speech

Tonight I finished the first draft of a basic stump speech for the book.

It's about 4,500 words. Which is LONG. The average speaking rate is around 120 words a minute, give or take 20 or so. So that's almost 40 minutes. Maybe 30 if I'm speedy.

And even though I wrote it pretty tightly word-for-word for the very purpose of timing it out, there's some audience interaction stuff that I need to leave room for.

So I think I've got to do some cutting. I'll start timing it to be sure, but I think I've got to cut about a quarter of it. I want this thing to MOVE, and I want it to be the kind of speech I'd watch. Short and fun.

It's tough because I've got so much to say. I could easily do a couple of days' worth of material, which I will eventually develop for workshops/seminars, but for now I need the basic, general speech.

The ideal would be some sort of decision tree-type thing, where I would have a bunch of different modules and "turning points" every 10 minutes or so where the audience could vote, via applause, on Topic A vs. Topic B, so it's closely aligned with their actual interests. And presentation software to enable that would be good, too.

Maybe that's my million-dollar idea ...

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