Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The royal we

It's always weird when famous actors, athletes and other celebrities seemingly refer to themselves as "we." As in, "We're considering multiple offers."

I kind of get it now. Lately with the book I've been saying things like, "We put together these videos," "We're working on the website," "We're launching it in a month," etc.

Not that I have an entourage or anything, but I didn't do any of these things on my own. The publisher and the people there are intimately involved in the editing, marketing and planning and all the other things that go into putting out a book.

Just like actors and athletes have agents and business managers and coaches and staff, etc., helping them with their work and career.

In any case, it's definitely preferable to the overuse of "my," as in "my staff," "my publisher," "my crew." Nobody is "yours" and it's the height of pretension to suggest otherwise.

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