Thursday, August 18, 2011


Beyond the technology issues that have been vexing me, I've been dealing with one very real and troublesome obstacle: I'm a nobody.

I don't believe that literally, but it seems to be true that experience in some areas isn't necessarily transferable to the world of this book. At least that's true in peoples' minds. Especially the editors I've been pitching my stories to.

So you could be a very good writer or have lots of relevant business experience, but what they want to see is a track record of getting articles published in other places.

This shouldn't be surprising. This attitude is rampant in business -- and life, I suppose. Potential clients always do this. Transportation industry experience is not enough. Or even airline experience. They want to see that you have done web copy for regional airlines promoting reward programs to urban couples between the ages of 26 and 34.

Anyway, I've been pounding my head against walls, making incremental progress, but everything seems to be a fight. Even the people who express interest are difficult to pin down. And, I admit, I've aimed high in certain cases, as with the blog of the Harvard Business Review.

But today I got a small breakthrough with a business website that welcomes contributors. So I'm going to start posting my stuff there, and if some of the PR trades I've been pitching want to reprint those, that's fine. I can't hold onto my A material forever on a wing and a prayer.

The site says they get 10 million visitors a month, so this could turn into a nice platform for the book and for me. We shall see.

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JillElaine/Jamaica said...

One of the problems you're probably running into is a lack of published clips in major media. You really have to have those BEFORE you go out trying to publish something just to promote your book. As someone who gets media pitches from book authors all the time shilling their book in hopes I'll interview them and quote them in one of my articles, I can say that the ones where some dude is just pushing his book instead of having something useful to say to the point that major media call him frequently to weigh in on topics of the day---they go in the DELETE file. It's also considered gauche to pitch your own book to publication editors. I'd highly recommend you hire a publicist to do some of the heavy lifting for you and present you/your book to the media. I finally had to buckle down and do that myself. Plus I just don't have time to do the promotion myself anymore, I'm too busy writing. Hope this helps./