Monday, August 15, 2011

Making waves

I talk often about the allure of the lakefront. Honestly, if the lake wasn't here I wouldn't be here.

Without nearby water or mountains -- some form of extreme topography -- I am lost. I think that's partly why I was so miserable in Columbus.

So I'm always shocked when others don't share that viewpoint. Like the girl who had lived here a year without ever going to the lakefront. Or another who had lived here a decade and never gone in the water. Or the many Facebook friends who failed this weekend to be utterly amazed by this video:

Perhaps I oversold it. Maybe it's not truly "crazy" wave action. Maybe it's just mildly eccentric. Or maybe it just doesn't convey so well on video. (This one was sending spray 15 to 20 feet into the air. There were others that were higher.)

Me, I like to think people are just stupid.

Here's what I love about the lake, and why I go down there all the time: in life, we're always trying to control every little thing. But here is an example of a power so immense it's not only beyond our control, it almost exceeds our reckoning.

I would think that would just make me feel all the more puny and powerless and frustrated, but it's exactly the opposite. Maybe that's the peace some people find in religion.

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