Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Apple changed my life

Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple got me thinking about how he, the company, and its products have changed my life:
  • I was never a gadget person before. Probably because most gadgets presented expensive and complicated solutions to simple problems. Like multi-function watches that do everything but tell the time well or electronic rolodexes that are impossible to load. Apple's gadgets are elegant, clean, simple and beautiful.
  • I almost never listened to music. CDs were a pain to haul around and even kind of a hassle to use at home. When I got my first iPod, I never went anywhere without it. And now, thanks to the iPhone, I don't even need that anymore.
  • In my entire adult life I have purchased maybe 10 DVDs and VHS tapes. I got another handful as gifts. I hate physical media. I hate clutter. Since I started using iTunes, I've purchased hours and hours of TV shows and movies.
  • On planes, I never watched movies. Now with the iPad, that's all I do. It's amazing how much more tolerable flights are.
  • I am never at any time unconnected to the Internet. I always have at least the iPhone on me.
  • I haven't kept a physical photo album in years. I suppose I went digital before the Mac, but with the iPhoto app, storing and displaying photos is easier and more fun that ever. I can create slideshows in a minute and set them to my favorite music.
  • Related to that, when I'm on vacation, I can connect my camera directly to my iPad and view, edit, albumize and upload my photos to the Internet almost instantly. No big chore awaiting me when I get home.
  • I edited my reel all by myself on my Mac. It was easy.
  • With my phone or iPad I can get directions, check the bus schedule, show off vacation photos, access my headshots and reel as well as my business portfolio, check my calendar, access and even edit my documents, listen to music, watch movies, buy movie tickets, find a restaurant, annoy cats, do crosswords, send emails, pay bills, give a presentation, figure out if that light in the sky is a star or a planet, play games (if I was the type to play games), read books, write a book, blog, Facebook, tweet, text, get the news, check the score, write a note, dictate a voice memo, play guitar, identify birds and songs, tell the time, and a few other things. The iPhone even makes calls, though I hardly ever do that with it.
  • Speaking of phones, I no longer have a land line.
And that's just the beginning. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

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