Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Circuit overload

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday, with all that needs doing with the book.

The issue became a little clearer today as I was describing it to a friend. If I had written a book on, say, zoology, I'd have a fairly well-defined market. But as it is, the book is for everyone. EVERYONE.

At least everyone who at some point has to give a presentation, write a memo, send an email, conduct an interview, apply for a job or participate in a meeting, among other things. Which means ... EVERYONE!

Gah! That's a lot of people! I mean, sure, it's good to have a huge potential audience, but figuring out how best to reach them is a real pickle. I literally could spend 16 hours a day on it for six months and not be done.

As a result, I got almost nothing done yesterday until about 5 o'clock. Just the act of creating a new blog seemed nearly impossible. But I slapped myself, buckled down and, between last night and today, got really, really productive.

Including creating a new blog.

Still lots to do, but at least it seems more manageable. Tomorrow I start in on 30 or so personalized letters to people who are getting free copies of the book.

Then more outreach, more pitching, more writing ...

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