Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Article #15

Today I wrote the 15th article based on the book's content, and it may be the best yet.

It's for a pretty major business blog. (I think I've covered the landscape -- or attempted to, at least -- with the writing and communications blogs.) I only had 700 words and the audience is pretty sophisticated, so it was a real challenge.

I pulled stuff from six different chapters, boiled the lessons down to their essence and focused on the best anecdotes. I also elevated the message a bit beyond communications to leadership, making it a little more friendly to a business audience.

We'll see if they like it. I feel like I've got something pretty good here, but if they don't want it I'll keep plugging away.

I'm just happy to have done it. And amazed at all the content potential the book and its theme continue to provide. Speeches, articles, videos -- it's a total multi-media platform!

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