Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been really stressed lately about the book marketing -- getting the word out both to friends/contacts and strangers. The whole thing has felt overwhelming, with so much to do.

So I did something about it. I swear I have never been officially "depressed," but I do know the surest cure for any anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, etc., I ever feel is to just DO things. Get busy. Get stuff done.

Work is therapeutic, and little accomplishments add up. And by staying busy you don't have time to stew.

So I'm doing three things. First, I'm reaching out individually to people I know who I feel haven't quite gotten the word about the book. This occurred to me a while back when I approached a FB friend and former Second City instructor to provide a blurb. I was shocked to hear that he hadn't heard I was working on a book, in spite of a year's worth of constant Facebook posting.

I'm slogging through the alphabet of my email and LinkedIn lists, writing personal notes to everyone who I think may need a reminder or heads-up before the release day announcement comes out. I'm at H, which isn't bad for two days.

Second, I'm reaching out to strangers -- people I admire and/or think may be of help. I wrote to Seth Godin and got a polite note back and to Robert Thompson, who's a big television and culture critic. I reached out to someone who I know through someone else who has a lead on some venues where I can do speeches. And I'm emailing and phoning reporters daily pitching articles.

Finally, I'm writing more articles. I had nine in the bank but I need more. There are lots of guest blogging opportunities out there that the publisher will be pitching, and a few more on my radar, too. I cranked out #10 today and hope to do five more before I leave for vacation.

I mean, I've been doing stuff. A lot of stuff. But now I'm doing it on 11.

Basically the plan is to go to bed every night exhausted and without another ounce of energy to expend. Then I'll be happy.

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