Friday, July 22, 2011


Now, finally, finally, the book is truly and verily done, done, done.

Did the final proof of the galleys last night -- really just scanning the pages to make sure nothing got dropped in the last round of minor changes.

That's just under 15 months from first conceiving of the idea to actually sending the book to press. To think I will actually have it in my grubby hands in a few short weeks!

I have been driving myself to ridiculous heights of productivity the past couple of weeks. And for everything I cross off my list, I add two or three more things. Write another article, make another call, pitch another editor, outline a workshop presentation, revise the website, etc., etc.

To say nothing of all the day-to-day mundanity. Why just back up my hard drive? I should sync all my devices! Don't just pay bills, balance the checkbook! Don't just wash the clothes, do the sheets and towels, too! And what about that kitchen floor? And those bathroom cabinets????

Aaaaannd, so on ...

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