Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chug, chug, chug

Still burning away on book stuff. Over the past few days I've:
  • Written four more articles, bringing me up to 14. Not sure I'll make the goal of 15 before the end of the week, but 14 is a damned good number, considering I was at 9 this time last week. Some of my favorites: Homer Simpson, the Accidental Anarchist, Wing it Like Martin Luther King, and Ten Everyday Words You're Using Incorrectly (Including 'Everyday').
  • Emailed almost 90 people individually to make sure they know about the book, give them a heads up about its impending publication and ask them to like my Facebook page.
  • Worked on getting my website updated with a new page for the book. Almost there.
  • Pitched the PR association I belong to for me to speak at a future luncheon in Chicago and at regional meetings in the Midwest. For this one I just happened to sort of know, from a long time ago, a member of the Chicago programming board. He put in touch with the right people, who I emailed and then tracked down live at this month's luncheon the other day. Put together an agenda and filling out applications, etc.
  • Continued to pitch reporters with my articles.
Getting all this under my belt, including okaying the final proofs and sending it to press, will put me in great shape to go on vacation. Let's see if I can be this productive when I get back ...

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