Friday, July 01, 2011

Auditions and Bookings YTD

Another half year over and it's time to quantify. In the first six months of the year, I had:
  • 9 print auditions
  • 10 commercial auditions (including 1 callback)
  • 9 industrial auditions (including 1 callback)
  • 2 film auditions (including 1 callback)
  • 1 commercial voiceover audition
  • That's 31 total auditions
That puts me up around last year's pace, which was an off year. The number would be around 50 to stay on pace with 2008 and 2009. Maybe those were the outliers and this isn't actually an off-year, but a normal year.

The good news is the bookings:
  • 3 print
  • 3 commercial *
  • 4 on-camera industrial
  • 2 voiceover industrial
  • That's 12 total bookings, which is as many as I had all of last year
And as I've said, the weird thing is, only 4 of those 12 bookings were the result of an audition. All the rest booked me directly through my agents off my headshots or reel or based on prior work I'd done with them.

Finally, in the "show me the money" category, with these bookings, plus income from residuals and other 2011 income from late-2010 jobs, my post-commission earnings for the year are already projected at 85% of what I earned last year.

So it's felt like kind of a scrambly, scrappy year so far, with lots of odd jobs and direct bookings and no "home runs" (though one I'd consider a triple), but if things manage to continue on this pace, I'd be okay with it.

* 1 of the commercial bookings was canceled (though I still got paid, so it counts) and another was just a "spec" commercial.

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